March: A Poem

March 1, 2021

Some thoughts for this new season.

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A poem for March 2021


A new month that, for the first time, brings with it an anniversary we never asked for.

A month that will mark a whole year since our lives were turned upside down and inside out.

A new season that reminds us of both the fragility of life and the preciousness of it all.

And so here we stand, 

As a new March arrives again.

Still with the heaviness of all we’ve faced.

And are facing. 

And yet, still, a new beginning.

A new month, never experienced. 

Thirty-one days we’ve never seen before. 

Moments of possibility and potential, waiting to be explored.

Days that we could welcome, 

with arms flung open. 

And hearts beating loudly, 

To the sound of a single, life-altering question:

How may we use these days to nourish our souls?

And so, as we answer the door to the knocking of a new month, may we carry with us the question that begs us to pause and ponder:

How are we spending our days? 

Our minutes?

Our seconds?

Our lifetimes?

And whose choice is that but our own?

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