Is coaching really for me?

January 31, 2021

Maybe you’re wondering whether the problem or question you’re grappling with is really something we could address in coaching together?⁠ Find out more in this post!

Is coaching really for me?
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Sarah Featherstone is a coach and business mentor for creatives.

One of the questions I’m often asked is why people come to coaching.⁠ And more specifically, if coaching is something that could really help with whatever you’re facing.

Maybe you, too, are wondering whether the problem or question you’re grappling with is really something we could address together?⁠

Maybe you’re curious if you could bring a personal issue, rather than a work-related issue, to our conversations?⁠

Or maybe you know something’s feeling off about the work you’re doing but you don’t know what else you’d like to do. And you’re wondering if coaching can help you figure that out?⁠

Or maybe you feel like something in your life just doesn’t feel aligned, and you honestly have no idea what you need but something has to change. ⁠Could coaching help with that?⁠

The short answer to all of those questions is yes. Coaching can address any and all of those areas.⁠ 🙌⁠


Because at its core, coaching is really about helping you grow and expand as a person as we work to develop the tools and resources you need to find your own inner strength and wisdom. The topic is just a vehicle for us to do that. ⁠

No matter what question you bring or what area you want to explore, the coaching relationship empowers you to find clarity around what it is you really want and helps you start taking action with intention and purpose. ⁠⁠

And the amazing thing about coaching? While you might come with one area of focus, you’ll likely find that the work we do together carries into other parts of your life.⁠

And that means more balance and more fulfillment in all areas of your life—however that is meant to look for you.

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