Thoughts for the new year

January 29, 2021

A poem for the new year.

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Thoughts for the new year
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“Let this be the year you find your voice.

The one you’ve been keeping small and quiet for so long, always hoping to not offend.

But there are things to be said and new creations to be made and your honest, bold voice—still soft with love—can lead the way. Starting today.

And let these be the days you learn to breathe deeply when obstacles mount before you.

May you flow like water, peacefully and unencumbered, carving new paths around whatever stands before you.

Let this be the season you find your way back to the practice.

The one that helps you feel centered and connected.

Knowing that the time on your mat or on the running path or in your dance shoes is never wasted time but time spent with your wisest, most creative self.

The self that has been waiting for you to find your way back.

And so let this be the year you find your way.

Back to that place.

To that space of inner wisdom.

Where the voice of your wisest self sits quietly, ready to open the door back home.

And as she greets you, she will whisper,

“I’ve been waiting for you.

Come on in.”’

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