What is Co-Active Coaching?

February 2, 2021

Curious to learn more about coaching? Here, I share more about my training and approach.

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As a coach for women (and that includes everyone who identifies as a woman), I bring my training and coaching tools to every conversation.

So, you might be wondering: where did I get my training?

I received my coach training from the Co-Active Training Institute (CTI), which has been considered the gold standard of coach training for almost 30 years.

According to CTI, co-active means “being in action…together,” or more simply “being together…in action.”

The implied “we” in this context is the coach and client, and we are in action within the space of coaching—empowering you and moving you forward toward whatever is calling for your attention, whether that’s starting a business, or speaking up at work, or figuring out what better balance looks like for you.

And together, we will explore those topics and the needed action through coaching.

At its most foundational level, coaching involves a relationship between two people—a coach and the client—created through trust, honest conversations, and a belief that we are all creative, resourceful, and whole. ⁠

I, as your coach, bring the tools, the questions, and a specific way of listening to our conversations, which are intended to help you uncover or reconnect to what really matters. ⁠

You, the client, bring the topic of our conversations, which can be about whatever is calling for your attention right now. ⁠

Together, we explore where you are and where you want to go in a loving and open space, so that you can deepen your learning and begin to move forward with intentional action.⁠

Not when things are perfect. ⁠
Not when things have slowed down. ⁠
Not when everything else is checked off your to-do list. ⁠

But now.

Because you can start living from a more aligned, intentional space starting today. And coaching can be the stepping stone to help you make that shift.

One of the foundational principles at CTI is that we’re all on a never-ending transformational journey to become more and more like our authentic selves. And getting to be a part of my clients’ journeys is an honor I don’t take lightly.

Want to learn more about coaching? Let’s connect and discuss what coaching could help you achieve.

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